Cronos Studio


Sever David

Editing and compositing:
Roberta Isai


Even though in the universal calendar humans are barely blinks of an eye, humankind has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the discovery of its place in the Universe and started wondering about what the future may hold for it. Many theories and speculations have arisen about humankind's future from theological, political or technological standpoints.

Our creative team explored a concept beyond this multitude of theories: a fusion between mankind and the Universe. Our concept involves the visual representation of achieving the absolute truth by understanding all the things that are around us, from the smallest elementary particle to the greatest galaxy cluster. Inspired by both Renaissance paintings and psychedelic art, Cosmomorphia is a series of photomanipulations that represent the concept of becoming one with the Universe; a transcendental state of our evolution.

Renaissance paintings have been a source of inspiration for the composition and lighting of the portraits, whereas psychedelic art has offered the psychonautic concept and the use of images of the infinity of Cosmos as intricate models and patterns. The creation process revolved around a digital work environment, from capturing the model using digital photography to digitally painting and manipulating elements of the image using specialized software.

"We are made of star stuff" and "We are the Universe contemplating itself", are two quotes by Carl Sagan that impacted this series profoundly. By using these quotes as a leitmotif for this series, we created an image of Man that is unbound by any laws of time and space, who explores the vastness and immensity of the Universe by searching within, as well as through the infinity of space, and we generalized its appearance by eliminating some elements that make humans recognizable: hair, ears, nose and mouth, thus making all people equal in the eyes of the Universe.