Cronos Studio

About us


Cronos is the shared online portfolio of Roberta Isai and Sever David, two Berlin-based freelancers who work in the field of visual arts.

Roberta is a very talented Photoshop artist, who relies on her retouching skills, digital painting techniques, illustration workflow and photo manipulation experiments to showcase her artistic vision. She has experience working both in large scale organizations as well as in an independent setting.

Sever is a multidisciplinary visual designer and digital artist, who closely follows the latest developments in the world of art, film and design and enjoys being involved in a wide array of projects, such as: motion design, UI/UX, graphic design, cinematography, and photography. As flexible as he is dedicated, he sees his craft as a continuous journey, a universal flow, in which improvement and fascination occupy the same space.


Disclaimer: Cronos is not a company or agency.